Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday! I have had a wonderful and relaxing weekend, I hope you have too! I feel as though I say this often but 2 days isn't long enough for the weekend! I wish they were at least 3. Think about how much happier everyone would be?! But obviously I don't control that and I need to work to support myself so 2 day weekends will have to continue.

Friday was a crazy work day for me- the roads were still iced over from Thursday's winter storm so I was a nervous wreck every time I was out on them. When I got home after work, I knew I was in for the night because I couldn't stomach anymore driving out there. I had a relaxed at-home movie night with my neighbor. We watched 'The Other Woman' while sipping on hot chocolate and enjoying some popcorn. We were both in our pjs and had the perfect girl's night in! I am a huge fan of those and plan on doing them more often.
The Other Woman (2014) Poster
Saturday, I met one of my other girlfriends at Organic Nails and Spa in Vienna for a little pamper session. I typically paint my own nails and toes but I couldn't pass up the opportunity for some indulgence. It was my first time at the shop, and I immediately felt relaxed upon walking inside. They have a soothing atmosphere and kind staff who take care of everything you might need! I got a standard manicure and spa pedicure. I loved all of the products that they used, and especially loved how much time they spent massaging my muscles. That's usually my favorite part of getting pampered- I tend to keep my muscles tense so it's great to get them to relax through massage.
spa pedicure
After getting our nails done we wandered over to Sushi Yoshi for a late lunch. This little spot is adorable and the sushi was great. I loved the little details- from the place mats to my tea cup!
sushi yoshi, placemat
sushi yoshi, tea cup
We headed over to Pentagon City mall with full bellies to finish up our girly day with some shopping. I got the cutest pair of scalloped shorts and Jack Rogers booties. I consider it a great success!
jack rogers, boots
Jack Rogers 'Marianne' Bootie
Today I got my taxes prepared {womp womp} and went grocery shopping. Nothing terribly eventful but completely necessary. I did nab a box of Girl Scout cookies outside of the grocery store. I was surprised that no one in my neighborhood came around selling this year, so I was thankful to find this stand! I can't make it through the year without at least one box of Samoas! I plan on spending the evening tidying up, relaxing, and preparing myself for the week ahead! I hope y'all had a great weekend too!

What did you do this weekend? What do you do during a girl's night in? Do you have a go-to treatment when you need a little extra pampering?


  1. Sounds like a relaxing weekend! I love a night in with popcorn (and wine)! I usually do my nails myself too - so nice to pamper yourself once in a while!

    Have a good week! xo

  2. I guess it's girl scout cookie season, I've seen a ton of stands popping up around my neighborhood. Personally, I love tag-a-longs but samoas are so good too! Popcorn and a movie is usually how I spend my weekend, unless I have a track or cross country meet.

    Alyssa The Runner

    1. Truth be told, I love all of their cookies except thin mints! I'm a mint or chocolate girl, not mint AND chocolate girl!


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