Friday, August 7, 2015

Rehoboth Beach Getaway

Hi and happy Friday readers! This past weekend I took a girls trip out to Rehoboth, DE to go to the beach! I've been feeling pretty down lately and I think that I just needed a healthy dose of "vitamin sea". We packed up the car and headed about 3 hours East to get just that!

We arrived around 10:30AM and found the cutest coffee shop called Dreamer for a mid-morning snack. I got a cold-pressed juice and was basically transported to heaven! This had a tropical juice-stand feel with a feminine twist. I absolutely loved their coffee cups and couldn't leave without a photo!
This beach was absolutely packed! I am used to the SC/GA/FL coasts, and have never seen a beach so full of people. We lucked out and found the perfect spot, rented chairs and umbrellas, and got settled. I was very nervous about frying since I haven't spent a ton of time in the sun this summer and was careful to reapply my sunscreen frequently! Thankfully, I made it out with a light tan and no burns! Wahoo! We read, chatted, tanned, went swimming, took walks, and pulled out some rusty gymnastics skills in some clear spots far down the beach. It seriously was a blast!

For dinner, we ate at a cute little restaurant called Fins. We had delicious cocktails and even tried oyster shooters before dinner. Once we got to our table, we had a delicious feast of raw oysters and entrees. I had grilled fish tacos that were the! I have never enjoyed fish tacos that much in my whole life. If you ever head to Rehoboth, I recommend them!!!
Who can pass up a cute pineapple photo opp?! Not me!
For breakfast, we headed back to Dreamer for juices and bagels to eat on the beach. I listened to my church sermon from my iPhone (I love technology!!) and was totally at peace on the beach. I was completely overwhelmed with contentment and gratitude for everything that I do have in my life. It's amazing how good preaching can really change your outlook. I snapped the below photo in hopes of capturing my feelings and to serve as a reminder that I can find peace if I try.
I'm already dreaming of being back with my toes in the sand!
A little confession/peek into my life.. I absolutely love salt water taffy! I hadn't tried it before going to Savannah for the first time in middle school and I've been hooked ever since! It's almost a curse though, because nothing compares to fresh taffy! Whenever I go to the beach, I always try to find a candy shop that makes their own and stock up. I keep a little candy bowl on my coffee table and like to keep it stocked with these pretties.
 I couldn't leave without a bag of fresh sweets!
I'm so thankful that this trip was able to happen! I already can't wait for the next one, I hope it's soon!
Have you taken a girls trip? What is your favorite trip? Are you going to squeeze in one last trip before the end of summer?


  1. I REALLY want to try salt water taffy! Spending a day at the beach is always so much fun and the picture of the water you took is so beautiful. Glad you had a fun day!

  2. I love taffy too!
    Beach days are a must in the summer- it's the cure to anything.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  3. So so fun! Taffy is my fave! And oh, cold pressed juice. What kind did you get? I could drink that stuff all day!

    Courtney //

    1. I had 2! I loved a green drink called "Green Day" and also their signature blend called "Dreamer". They were both outstanding!

  4. This sounds like such a fun trip! I LOVE the beach. I wish there was a beach in central Illinois...but unfortunately just corn fields. And Oh myy goodness, those fish tacos sound delicious! Getting so hungry right now!


  5. Adorable photos :) nothing is better than a girls' beach getaway.

  6. It's so cool you were able to listen to your church sermon from your iphone on the beach-so poetic!

  7. Looks like a perfect beach getaway to me :) Great pictures!

  8. Looks amazing! Lucky for me, we're headed into summer in Australia :)

  9. This looks like so much fun!
    xx, Lindsey

  10. I absolutely love impromptu trips - anything at the beach looks to die for!

    Pick Your Beau

  11. What a fun vacay!! I love taffy, it looks so delicious!!!

    Nicole// Chronicles of Home

  12. That sounds so fun! And isn't technology the best when it comes to church? All summer long I've been tuning into my church back in Charlotte via the live streams on Sunday mornings!

    xoxo A

  13. Ooo, sounds like such a fun time! So jealous, I've been getting ready to go back to school!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

  14. This looks like the best weekend! I've never been a huge salt water taffy person, but I'm headed to Cape May this weekend so I just might give it a go.

    Coming Up Roses

  15. What a fun getaway! I've never been to a beach on the east coast either!

  16. Sounds like fun! That taffy looks amazing!

    xo, Jordan

  17. I just got back from a beach vaca too! It looks and sounds like you had a blast! I love salt water taffy too! Yum!

  18. It sounds like you had an absolute blast! I'm so happy that you were able to take a little getaway. Dreamer sounds like something that I would love! Isn't saltwater taffy amazing?! I'm not supposed to have it because I have sealants, but I can't help myself. I hope you're having a great weekend, love :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  19. Your vacation sounded so amazing. Fish tacos are so yummy!!!!

  20. I'm glad you had a fun trip. Yoga on the beach sounds lovely!

  21. Sounds like such a fun trip! Is it crazy that I live on a Caribbean island and I haven't made it to the beach yet?! And I leave for CT on Saturday! I'm getting my butt to the beach ASAP! Boooo for working all summer!

  22. I've only stopped in Rehoboth for a day trip once when I was at Ocean City, but it looks like I need to plan a full on trip there! This looks so fun!

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise

  23. OOh those coffee cups are just the cutest! And yum the salt water taffy looks so good :) Looks like you had the perfect trip!



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