Monday, April 11, 2016

Pantone Spring 2016: How to Wear Buttercup

Hey y'all! Today is my third and final installment for my mini-series on the spring Pantone colors for 2016. (Here's the first and second if you missed out!) This color screams spring to me, with its bright shade and floral origin. Buttercup just radiates light and looks like sunshine!
Pantone Spring 2016: How to Wear Buttercup
As I've shared before, I don't embrace brights in my real wardrobe as much as I'd like to. I'm inspired by them, but tend to stick with my neutrals and soft tones. Being a Georgia Tech alumni, I've worn my fair share of gold and bright yellow! So I feel like this could be a great place for me to hop into the color wheel and begin to expand my personal color palette. Click to shop my favorites below!

Isn't the color just gorgeous! I love the off the shoulder dress and pencil skirt above. Additionally, who doesn't love a classic yellow raincoat?! I love the simple look of the one above. There are so many great ways to wear this color and I think it will work well into summer.

Thanks for checking out my mini-series! Let me know if you'd like more content like this in the future. I really enjoyed putting it together!

Do you own anything in the buttercup shade? How will you embrace this color through spring?

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  1. Love this shade! My Latest Obsession is yellow dresses so this shade is perfect!

    Alix |


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