Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"Bossypants" Book Review

Hey y'all! I hope you're having a fabulous week so far. Shortly after graduating college, one of my goals that I made for myself was to get back into reading for pleasure. I had a hard time with it to be honest. After years of required reading for school, all of the fun had really been sucked out of the activity for me. Upon having that realization I decided that I would ask around for recommendations for books that others enjoyed, in hopes of relighting that fire within myself. Thankfully, that did the trick for me and I have erased my schoolgirl mindset with respect to books. Since I attribute my enjoyment to good recommendations, I thought I'd start sharing little reviews of books I'm reading as I finish them- just in case you are looking for one too!

I really enjoyed "Mean Girls" but honestly had very little exposure to Tina Fey outside of her Sarah Palin SNL skits. I knew her to be funny in her roles, but that was just about it. I saw "Bossypants" on the shelf in Target and was so tickled by the cover; I had to get check it out. (Sidenote- I'm extremely visual so many of my picks in life are based on visual appeal. This is a good and a bad thing since exterior charm doesn't always translate through content!) Before I purchased it, I read the back cover and was totally sold!

This book is a witty and well-written peek into what it's like to be Tina Fey. She shares intimately personal stories covering all topics, from her childhood to her marriage to her career, in a very light way and I didn't find any parts of the book to be drawn out or trying too hard. Written comedy can be extremely difficult in my opinion due to the fact that you lose a comedian's delivery skills! I felt that most if not all of the jokes in this book translated well and you can't help but laugh out loud at certain parts. Her personality shines through and I enjoyed the feminist tones throughout the book.

I highly recommend this book if you're looking for something upbeat and easy to read. It was a great travel book for me, because I wasn't feeling lost in the story if I let some time pass between readings. I was able to pick right back up where I left off.

Have you read this book? What are you currently reading? Would you like to see more book reviews on the blog?


  1. This book was hysterical! I love her sassy way of writing. I'd definitely recommend Mindy Kaling's book, too. It's similar in humor and actually pretty inspiring.

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

  2. I want to read this so bad and it's made its way onto my summer reading list.
    I am currently reading An Abundance of Katherines by John Green.
    I love reading.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  3. I love Tina Fey! Will have to check this book out!


  4. I agree that written comedy ocassionaly doesn't translate well but it seems like this was a really interesting book. Tina Fey seems so likeable!

  5. This has been on my book list for a while. My boyfriend and I both love Tina so much. <3 We can't wait to check it out for ourselves!

  6. Tina Fey is so amazing! I loved this book!

  7. Thank you for recommending. I love her and I need to read this so I can love her even more!!
    Lauren Ashley

  8. How fun! I'm putting together a summer library and this will certainly have to be included!

  9. I am seeing so many good books out there right now! I can't wait until I'm done studying for the LSAT so that I can take time to read again :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  10. This book looks good! I have the same mindset with reading. I love to read but I feel like I only ever get to read for school. I would definitely like to see more book recommendations on here!

    Anchors and Pearls

  11. I, too, am getting back into reading after recently graduating college. College can really suck the fun out of reading but I am happily getting back into it. Right now I am reading a auto-biography of sorts about one of the people I learned about in classes (funny how that can happen). I have heard a lot about this book so I will definitely have to put this on my want to read list!

  12. I adore this book... I've re-read it twice. Glad you enjoyed it, too!!

    Diary of a Debutante

  13. I'm a very visual as well when it comes to books! That cover is very intriguing!

    How 2 Wear It ...

  14. I loved this book too! Tina Fey's personality really shines through and is such a fun read!


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