Thursday, May 28, 2015

Workin' On My Fitness + Playlist

Hi there! How's everyone doing this week? Mine's flying by- I always love the short weeks following a long weekend. Although it stinks to fit 5 days of work into 4, I'll find a way to survive. I promise. I've been trying to commit to work on my fitness over the past month, and am working hard to become more healthy. I feel as though I do make mindful and healthy choices in most aspects of my life, but I have the most room for improvement with my workouts. I am pretty inconsistent and easily fall off the bandwagon with my routine (when I have one!). This has been a consistent challenge for me over the past few years since I've entered the workforce full time.  I'm not a morning person and I know that I'm not able to hit the gym before work. I work a pretty sedentary job and am just exhausted most days when I get home. This makes it even more challenging to get back out of the door to go workout.
With that being said, I've been moving in the right direction thanks to a few changes. I try to hop into workout clothes as soon as I'm home from work. Even if I don't go to the gym immediately following my outfit change, I'm more likely to go if I'm already dressed for it. Also, I've been honing in on some great music to work out to. This really helps to distract me from my task at hand, and has allowed me to go further and for longer than I could before I paid more attention to my music.

Currently, my focus is on running. I've always HATED running as a workout. I did gymnastics and then competitive cheerleading up through my senior year of high school and running was used as a punishment in both of my trainings. To make things worse, I'm slow and have honestly never tried to enjoy running. But I am determined to change that. I don't have a date yet, but I'm working towards being able to comfortably run a 10k race. I've been making good progress so far but still have a ways to go- and I'd like to get faster while I'm at it!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite workout songs with you! I like to listen to pop music when I work out- I just need something upbeat and mood lifting! I don't care if it's from the 90s or if it's on this week's Top 40. As long as it's fun to listen to, it's good in my book! I hope y'all enjoy!

What do you do to stay fit? What goals do you have for your fitness? Do you have favorite songs to workout to? 


  1. Running is not my favorite either!


  2. Running is my favorite way to stay fit - it's such a good way to zone out for a while!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

  3. I have to work out in the mornings if there is any hope for me. I just feel way way way too exhausted in the evenings as well. Thanks for sharing your playlist-I'm into running and I really do believe it's an acquired taste. Once you get past the "hump" of it sucking you will be hooked!

  4. I love YouTube fitness videos. I try to switch up my workouts weekly so that my body doesn't get used to doing the same ones. My fitness goal is to tone up my abs, legs and arms.

  5. Running is not my friend either so I feel you.
    I don't usually like going to the gym too often so I usually do fitness routines at home like watching YouTube fitness routines or using workout apps on my phone.

    I love to listen to upbeat music when working out usually pop or electronic type music.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  6. Trying to get my butt back in the gym when I'm finished testing, so this is AMAZING! Pinning it so I know where to find it!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  7. I totally need to update my playlist!

  8. Love this!!! And Domino is totally on my playlist as well!!

  9. Love this playlist! I love doing pilates to work out! It's calm but still works your butt off!

    Lauren Ashley

  10. You are so right about changing from work clothes to workout. That definitely helps me and i need to do it more often. It's amazing how motivating music can be!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  11. I absolutely love this playlist! It's perfect!

    Xo, Rach | Seashells + Sparkles

  12. It's funny I was just singing "Summer" this afternoon. Love the playlist you have put together!

  13. Great playlist! I really need to start working out again, I got into a really good routine for a while but I took a few days off and never got back into it.

    Anchors and Pearls

  14. What a fun playlist! Definitely will add some of these to my fitness playlist! :)

  15. Love the playlist! Good luck with the running! I've only done "fun" races such as the Color Run it was only a 5k but it didn't feel like I was working out at all. Definitely look for races that have a 10k course so you can train for the miles but ultimately have a fun experience.
    Gal and the City

  16. Saving this playlist for when i go to the gym!

  17. Love this post girly! I am so not a morning person either so I feel your pain lol I definitely have to squeeze in my workouts in between classes or at the end of the day! Can't workout without a playlist ever, it is either the make or break of your workout! Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Ivette
    Glamour State Of Mind

  18. Very nice! follow me on gfc and i follow you back. kiss

  19. Love the playlist! I have been looking for a new one, this one is perfect!

    Anika |

  20. Hi lovely, I really like this list, I am listening while I check my fave blogs! thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!! xx
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  21. Totally agree that music is essential when working out! Have to step up my gym game again haha :)

    x Alina



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