Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May Birchbox

Hello out there! I hope all is well for y'all so far this week. I had a busy but fun weekend, and am looking forward to a long, restful weekend coming up! I can't wait for my pool to open, and plan to park next to it and read alllll weekend. A few weeks ago, I posted about my first experience with Birchbox, a monthly beauty subscription service. I got my second box and wanted to share my contents with y'all!
birchbox, beauty subscription
birchbox, beauty subscription
birchbox, beauty subscription
This month's box was curated by Emily Schuman who blogs over at Cupcakes & Cashmere. She had a ton of great product picks, and I'm really excited about the products that I've received!! I'm still really pleased with my decision to subscribe to Birchbox. I love the excitement of receiving my box every month! I also love the exposure that I'm getting to products that I would never grab on my own. It's been nice to expand my beauty horizons.
birchbox, samples, beauty subscription
birchbox, beauty subscription, samples
For my May box I got another Harvey Prince perfume sample, Macadamia Professional oil treatment, Marcelle hydrating gel, Beauty Protector body cleanser, and Cynthia Rowley creamy lip stain. So far I've just used the lip stain and really like the color. I would equate it more to a lip gloss, as it rubbed off fairly easily and did not give me long lasting results that I would expect from a stain. I love the scent of the perfume and can't wait to try it on my skin. Things always smell different outside of the bottle! The body wash also smells wonderful- it's very sweet and reminds me of dessert! I am excited for the oil treatment- I see this brand on the shelves all the time and have been itching to try it. If it's a winner, I'll be sure to let y'all know!

Do you have any questions about Birchbox? Interested in a subscription? Please leave me a comment or send me an email!


  1. I love the Macadamia Oil products, I haven't tried the treatment but I have used the shampoo and swear by it when I can. Can't wait to hear what you think of that!!! ((And the packaging is too cute this month!))

  2. Need to try that Creamy lip stain & Macadamia Oil Product soon!
    xoxo, Ivette
    Glamour State Of Mind

  3. Great post! I've always wanted to subscribe to Birchbox but I worry I'll use the products once and then forget about them!



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  5. Birch box is such a fun concept and a great way to try new products. I totally should try it out sometime!

  6. I'm so jealous! I LOVE cupcakes and cashmere! I saw this all over instagram. Lucky you:)


  7. I love the Macadamia products, my favorite being the deep repair masque. I'd love to try the oil treatment though.
    The boxes are definitely improving every month it seems.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  8. LOVE Macadamia! Best products ever! I need to get birchbox again and I love Emily! She's such an amazing blogger!

    Lauren Ashley

  9. I love the concept of a Birchbox!


  10. I've never tried Birchbox, but I'm a sucker for pretty packaging! And Cupcakes + Cashmere!

    Ohio Stripes

  11. What a great box! I've never tried Birch Box but I'm constantly tempted to do so... Maybe one day!

    Southern Belle Secrets

  12. Looks like an awesome box! I also love the box itself. It's so cute.

  13. The contents look so cute and cool! Great post.


  14. Looks like a great month of good sized samples that Emily created for Birchbox and how cute is just the box?!


  15. I used to get Birchbox! I loved getting to try all the samples .. I never bought full sizes after finishing the samples but it was fun to try out new products!

    How 2 Wear It ...

  16. Birchbox has been killing it in the design department lately! It's a bummer about the lip stain, but that body wash looks amazing!

    xo, Alicia | AliciaTenise.com

  17. I have never got a Birchbox. Looks like some great new products to try!

  18. Do you like your subscription? I'm debating if I want to try this or Rocksbox.

    xx. Brittany
    Southern Soul

  19. I almost signed up simply for this box! Thanks for sharing the contents with us!!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass


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