Friday, December 25, 2015

A (Different) Christmas Story

Earlier this week, I was one of the crazy people who ventured out to do some last minute shopping before Christmas. This is the EXACT opposite place I prefer to be in during that time of year! I'm a planner, to the extreme, and usually start shopping early so that I can be finished by the time I head home for the holidays. This just makes things easier and allows me to be with my family completely while at home.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, life has been hectic for this little peach as of late. Work is busy, my personal life is crazy, and my family has had a lot going on. The sheer amount of things bouncing around my head at any given point is scary, but my circumstances lately have put things into overdrive! Complaining out of the way, I was less than thrilled to finish up the large amount of shopping I had to do among the masses a mere 3 days before Christmas.

That's definitely another perk of shopping early- there's no mad rush in the stores!! I can't stand crowds and have a low tolerance for people who are rude. It seems like everyone turns into a shopping grinch around the holidays and I just prefer to stay at home away from it all. My final gift that I was purchasing happened to be a Starbucks giftcard and travel mug. Oh boy was I relieved to be finished shopping AND at the mecca of caffeine. It had been a long day of loud chatter, long lines, and complaints constantly swirling around me.

After waiting in the long line, I was grateful when my turn rolled around. I placed my complicated drink order and stepped to the bar to people watch as I waited for my bright red cup of joy to pop up. I'm so glad that I was watching my surroundings, because I saw the sweetest act of selflessness. I witnessed a man buy coffee for the frazzled young mom in front of him who was struggling to find her wallet in her large purse and balance a baby on her hip. It was so small, but seeing the unexpected happiness on her face reminded me what this season is truly about. It's not about buying the perfect gift. It's not about perfect wrapping, or the flawless picture for the card, or staging the perfect Instagram.

It's about giving. It's about showing love to everyone, even the lady delaying your turn to order a your caffeinated beverage in a long line. For me, it's about celebrating the birth of Jesus by mimicking his behavior. I hope that you have a lovely Christmas, and regardless of your beliefs, I hope you find the true meaning of the season and carry that with you even after the lights and trees come down.

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