Friday, November 14, 2014

4 Workout Essentials

Lately, I have been chasing after that elusive "runner's high". I hear people talk about it, but I am beginning to think I was not blessed with the ability to reach it. "Just get past the first mile!" they say. "You'll hit 5 miles before you know it!" they encourage. Well, I'm here to say that's just not the case for me. Running can be extremely beneficial from a health perspective but difficult to accomplish from a discipline perspective. What I can share with you is this- there are ways to make running more enjoyable for a "non-runner". While there are many ways to do this, I have accomplished it through the right gear.
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Headband {currently on sale!} / Crop / Tank {currently on sale!} / Shoes
For me, a few of the right products have totally changed things up.

1. The right headband. I don't know about y'all, but I always have the hardest time keeping thin sport headbands in my hair! I feel like I stop, fix the headband, and restart for more time that I actually spend running. That feels like a problem to me. I discovered the Fly Away Tamer from lululemon earlier this year and it quickly became my go-to. It stays put, holds my hair back, and looks adorable! As an added bonus, it won't get destroyed in the washing machine so you can keep it sanitary AND the right size by tossing it in with a load. I highly recommend it.

2. Comfortable bottoms. Throughout college I was a HUGE fan of Nike shorts. They were the perfect thing to throw on with a t-shirt to tackle the daytime. While they are excellent for running {since that is their intended purpose}, I like to have a little more coverage on my bottom half when I'm moving around. I am head-over-heels in love with Wunder Under crops. I only have 2 pairs, but I feel like I live in them! They are thick enough to wear without fear of them being see-through with a tank top, but the material isn't restrictive or too thick- making them perfect for serious workouts.

3. A perfect tank top. I get SUPER hot when I work out. It doesn't always translate into pouring sweat, but my temperature always rises quickly. One of my favorite things I've discovered are the Nike tank tops. The dri fit ones are the best! They are form fitting so they don't fling around {depending on what workout you're doing that's important} and they keep you cool since they are sleeveless. If you do happen to sweat a lot, the dri fit technology really helps keep your temperature regulated and the sweat off of your body! All around, it's a winner!

4. Shoes. I can't think of something that would deter me from working out more than an ill-fitting shoe. Making sure you have the right size and support is key to having an enjoyable workout! I was one of the lucky few to snag a pair of the "Tiffany's teal" Nike Free's and I absolutely adore them! They have just the right support for my workouts and don't weigh down my feet so I can keep moving. I seriously dread the day I retire these babies.

With these 4 workout essentials, I truly enjoy my workouts more. And, obviously this goes without saying but I wear my fitbit to track all of my activity while rocking these amazing pieces! Here's to finishing out the year in good health!

teal nikes, workout gear, fitness

What are your workout essentials? Do you have any product recommendations? Have you tried any of these workout essentials?

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