Thursday, February 5, 2015

My "splash" into the juice world

As I mentioned previously, I picked up some cold pressed juices from Wegman's to try something different. Juicing and juice cleanses are extremely popular up here in Northern VA. I haven't committed to a full fledged cleanse {not sure if I will ever be able to do that}, but I have definitely enjoyed mixing them in with my daily diet. Feel free to pop over to my Instagram to see some of my different choices!

I've only experimented with a few different brands at this point- but I've been pleased overall with my choices. For me, these have been a great tasting and easy way to get more fruits and veggies during the day. Particularly during lunch! I find myself going to the same fast food places {yikes!} when I'm eating out. And while I'm not always eating off the dollar menu, I don't always get to eat the rainbow either!

Have you experimented with any cold-pressed juices yet? I wanted to share a little about my experience so far with y'all! The two brands I have tried are BluePrint and Suja. I drank a Carrot Lemon juice from BluePrint that I picked up at SafeWay. Kinda random, but I just had one of those days where I was running late and forgot to grab a previously purchased juice before I left home. The juice was very separated when I purchased it, but blended well when I shook it. The color was vibrant and smelled just like a fresh carrot when I opened it up! The juice was thin and fresh tasting with a crisp lemon after taste. {I mention the texture because I was worried about it being thick} I enjoyed it, but I wonder if it would be just as good- and cheaper- for me to buy a small bag of carrots to have with my meal.
BluePrint, cold pressed, fresh, carrot lemon
The other juices I have enjoyed so far have been from Suja. I grabbed quite a few flavors to get started! As far as the green juices go, Green Delight was my favorite. This is probably more of a beginner juice as it is primarily sweet. For the colored/fruity juices, it's truly hard to pick. If I had to, Berry Goodness and Berry Nana have got to tie for first. Look at how pretty these are!!
organic, cold pressed juice, juice, suja
I couldn't even get a photo before finishing this one! :)
suja, berry goodness, cold pressed juice, juice
green juice, suja, cold pressed, juice
juice, cold pressed, beets, suja
 As you can see, these are brilliantly colored and gorgeous! Two of the juices that I got were a little on the earthy side for being a juice newbie. Maybe my first hint should've been that I don't particularly love beets, but the Sweet Beets was more beets and less sweets. I think I would've liked it more if it was sweetened a bit more. It smelled rich and flavorful. The Uber Greens bottle was also on the earthy side and the juice was very thin. Although I didn't fall in love with the Uber Greens, I did feel good after I drank it. Just knowing that it was so full of antioxidants and nutrients made it taste better for me. While I'm not totally opposed to trying them again, I feel like my favorites and the more fruity juices will be the ones I continue to incorporate into my routine. Here are just a few more pretties for your viewing pleasure. :)
cold pressed, juices, suja, fruits
suja, cold pressed, juice, green juice, fruit juice

Have you tried out any cold-pressed juices? What are your favorites? Have you done a cleanse? Please share your thoughts below in a comment!

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  1. I wish I could find a brand worth trying but where I live (Italy) the good habit of fruit smoothies and juices is not as solid as in the U.S. Nice to meet you via #sundayfunday
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi


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