Friday, January 30, 2015

Living Room Inspiration Board

Happy Friday, y'all! Today I wanted to share my inspiration board for my current living room. Although I have been in my apartment for just under a year, I still have a lot of decorating to do. My living room is a calming mix of white, brown, and navy. It is coming along nicely and I have gotten my main pieces purchased at this point- couch, coffee table, rug. Now, I am just looking for those personal decor touches to make it my own!

Pillows. I absolutely love the mix of patterns with these pillows. The navy component keeps them tied together, while incorporating more colors into the room! Each are available in different sizes to find exactly what you need to dress up your couch!

Couch. The tufted back on this couch is gorgeous. It is very romantic and feminine. My couch is a tan color, but I am currently lacking the tufted back. That is definitely going to be a feature in my next couch!

Tray. This is a great tray to help keep things organized on your table. I have a similar tray that I found in the Target holiday section that works for me year-round! Target is a great source for affordable home items in my opinion!

Coffee Table. This is actually my coffee table! I adore it. It is from Pottery Barn, and I seriously love everything about it from the color to the wheels. I store extra blankets folded up in the bottom for easy access from the couch!

Candle. I also have this candle. It has a fun story behind it- I always love how each Anthropologie store smells when I go shopping there. Last time I walked into the Georgetown store, I was totally consumed by the smell and asked the sales lady where I can find the source. She paraded me through the whole store to find them- when they were actually where we started! They had the candles burning up in the front of the store. I had to leave with one. It is even more perfect for my living room since the tin matches my color scheme!

Coffee Table Books. I am still hunting for the perfect coffee table books to stack on my tray. I love these 2 and may be starting my collection soon!

Rug. Geometric printed rugs are a gorgeous way to add a little something extra to your living room. I have a shag herringbone rug that I found at Marshall's but I absolutely love this bold print from Urban Outfitters!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy all of the Super Bowl snacks and commercials Sunday!!

What is your living room color scheme? Do you have any must-haves decor pieces that I may have missed? Please share your thoughts in a comment below!


  1. Such great picks! My living room is currently brown furniture and oriental rugs, but I'm working on two gallery walls :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    1. That sounds beautiful!! Good luck with your galleries- so fun but tricky sometimes. I'm on the fence of doing one myself!

  2. Love this! I subscribe to Domino emails.. and I am counting down the days until my next apartment so I can start fresh with decorating! Love all your pics, especially the Southerner's Handbook!


    1. Domino= decor dreams!! Starting fresh is definitely exciting, I am definitely looking forward to buying in the future so I can really add my own personal touches!

  3. I want the southerners handbook for my coffee table so bad!! Love all your picks!


  4. LOVE that couch! All those pillows would look too cute on it! Great post :)

    xo, Katy

    1. Isn't it gorgeous?! I think I would lay on it all day. Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. This is right up my alley! I've been thinking of redoing the bathroom in navy and gold,


  6. Those pillows are so cute! Loving the print mixing and that rug! Happy friday girlie! P.S. think you would adore the Feeling Tribal outfit post we shared on the blog today!
    xo, Jennifer
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    1. I'm glad you liked those pillows- I am completely obsessed! Thanks for sharing your post and for stopping by!


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