Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My favorite tech "accessory"

Today, I wanted to share with you my favorite technology "accessory": my fitbit Flex.

fitbit Flex

Now, I'm not sure if many other people wear theirs as a part of a bracelet stack... but I absolutely love this little piece of rubber and plastic! Over the past year, I have really gravitated away from any regular exercise or workout routine. I experience little spurts of ambition where I sign up for fitness classes or go running or shop for gym memberships. The length of these ambitions vary, but nothing seems to stick for me. I've always lead an active lifestyle and have never really needed to put forth the effort to "get fit" or go outside of my normal routine to make sure I was getting enough exercise. 

Let me just tell you right now I was delusional until this past summer. I pretended not to notice my metabolism working less, my clothes fitting more snug that usual, and the fact that I was worn out after small amounts of physical activity. While I am well aware that our bodies change with age, I also understand that healthy habits are important and often require extra effort on our part. Upon the realization of my health mistakes, I decided to get a fitbit. This thing rocked my world. Putting a numerical value on my activity has been really eye opener for me- I was overestimating the amount of activity I was actually doing on a daily basis. Sure, walking around DC and checking out the monuments helps rack up 20,000 steps but I am not doing that every day. Most days I come home from a mainly sedentary work day, change into my pajamas, and plop onto the couch to watch the tv for the evening. {a picture of health, right?}

Fitbit allows you to set daily goals for different categories: steps, distance, active minutes, weight, water consumed, and calories. I truly believe that the changes I have seen in my health since July were the result of the goals I have set with my beloved gadget. For me, the visualization of my activity as well as the tracking of my progress towards my goals has been extremely effective as a motivator. I get so excited when I reach my goals. I just want to do more! 

FitBit, app screen

Although the use of technology has helped me, I know many people are able to make huge changes on their own. I think that no matter how you reach your goals, it's important that you have them and constantly work towards achieving them! You only get one body- so remember to treat yours well.

Do you have any fitness gadgets? What keeps you motivated to stay healthy? 

- T

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