Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Happy Thursday!

Today I am sharing with y'all my fourth and final gift guide for this holiday season. {Fear not, I will continue to update my Pinterest board with my picks!} I am a self-proclaimed lover of shopping for guys- yet I still seem to struggle to find unique gifts for all of the special men I am blessed to know. Maybe it just comes with age, but I feel like I've gotten into gift patterns with certain people in my life- dad gets clothing, uncles get sports gear, male cousins get gift cards.. you get the picture. I love a well dressed man, but can't help but wonder if guys get sick of being dressed at each holiday? Thankfully, there are many novelty options for men that allow to you break the routine if you've slipped into one. Here are a few ideas I've gathered for you- happy shopping!

cufflinks / coasters / book / glasses / watch / shoes / jerky / shirt / kit
Personalized cufflinks. As I've mentioned before, I am a lover of personalized items! I am also a firm believer in male and female monograms- male being block letters in order {first middle last} and female in the traditional sequence {first LAST middle}. These cufflinks are great for any age- whether they are about to enter the workforce soon or have been there for 30 years! It never hurts to have atleast one pair and adding the initials ensures that they know which are theirs!

Leather coasters. Almost every home has a liquid-sensitive surface in it, which make coasters a must. I love these leather coasters that look like they are made of wood! They have a rustic and masculine feel while keeping your surface dry. Could he ask for more?!

Cocktail book. I love the simplicity offered in this book. It is a must for any home-bar or masculine coffee table stack and even better for you if you get to taste-test the beverages!

Old-fashioned glasses. Any man would be lucky to have this gorgeous set of glasses to sip from! Williams-Sonoma offers personalization on these babies and I think they make an excellent gift- alone or paired with a nice drink to fill them!

Watch. When you enter the workforce, a watch becomes a necessity! It is no longer socially acceptable to use your phone clock as your primary time source, so why not gift a lucky guy in your life with a professional-looking timepiece? The eco-drive watches don't contain batteries so you don't have to worry about it stopping! He will {hopefully} never be late again.

Sperry boat shoes. Brown shoes are a wardrobe staple. I personally love Sperry's for myself and have given several pairs as gifts. There's nothing like a comfortable pair of shoes!

Unique jerky. I like to throw in an eclectic piece every now and then, and the flavors of this jerky sound great!

Button-down shirt. Most southern men appreciate a good plaid shirt. This pick caught my eye with its pastel colors and Vineyard Vines offer great fitting shirts for guys. Seems like an A+ gift in my book!

Home-brew kit. I have given this exact kit to my beer-enthusiast boyfriend and he absolutely LOVED it. It doesn't take up too much space or require experience- making it a great opportunity for any guy to make his own beer. It's really special to cheers with a drink he made himself!

What are you getting for the lucky guys in your life? Do you have any experience with these items? Are you still unsure of what to get the ladies in your life? Check out my other gift guides for her: boho, gold, & classic.

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