Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday Gift Guides: Golden Girl

Hi y'all! I'm back again with another gift guide to get you through your holiday shopping. I'm not sure what it is about this year, but I feel so behind my typical shopping timeline! I did some major damage on Cyber Monday, but everyone I have left is stumping me. Hopefully I will get some inspiration soon! On that note, I have put together a gift guide that shines {literally!} for the gold loving girl in your life.
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earrings / necklace / candle / charger / tshirt / notebook / bracelet / cards

Glitter earrings. These sparkling earrings are a perfect gift for any glam girl. What a great addition to any outfit that needs some extra shine and I know I would put them to use during the holiday party season.

Golden heart necklace. I am loving dainty jewelry right now. This necklace is so pretty AND has a sweet message on the packaging. Perfect for a girlfriend {romantic} or a close friend!

Polka dot candle. Kate Spade gold + white candle- Need I say more?

Back-up iPhone charger. I love this black, gold, and white combo! The charger is the perfect size to be portable and perfect for that friend who is constantly killing her phone battery while capturing that perfect shot for Instagram!

Gilded t-shirt. This shirt screams glam girl and is perfect to ring in New Years! I love the shiny detailing against the plain white background.

Striped notebook. A notebook this cute begs to be used! I could see this being perfect for your list-making friend, or maybe as a friendly suggestion to that friend who needs to START making lists. We all know one!

Bracelet. I am totally loving this chunky chain link bracelet! It is great on its own or would make a fabulous addition to a stacked look.

Metallic playing cards. Not only are these pretty, but they are entertaining! Perfect for a friend who loves to play card games.

What are your golden must-haves? Did you miss the guide for boho chic gals? Keep checking back for my remaining gift guides for the rest of the season, and check out my Pinterest board for more present recommendations!


  1. i love all the gold! it's one of my favorite colors!

    1. Me too! I absolutely love that it's becoming so popular and easier to find.


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