Monday, December 22, 2014

Sweet Homecoming + Weekend Recap

Although I was just home for Thanksgiving, this trip home for Christmas couldn't have come fast enough! I decided to drive the trip home so I could have my car to run around and visit people while here. The drive is about 10 hours from NoVA to my parent's house in Georgia. To say it was long is an understatement! I look forward to doing road trips with passengers again after this experience. At the end of my drive, I was able to perk up from excitement when my car started picking up my favorite radio stations from home! Just fills me with nostalgia and happiness. I have truly enjoyed being home so far- not only is it warmer weather, but I have been able to spend precious and large amounts of time with my family and friends.

Atlanta has gotten a permanent Ferris wheel called the SkyView Atlanta since I've moved away and I have been itching to ride it. I had a lovely girls night with two of my best friends from college, and we took a gondola in the SkyView for a spin! I won't lie, I was really nervous the first time we went around and especially when we stopped. I am afraid of heights but wasn't really worried because I thought being inside the gondola "pod" I would be more comfortable. Thankfully, this was true after a little time had passed and I really enjoyed the ride! Atlanta is one of the prettiest cities I've been to and I'm totally in love with it. Unfortunately, my iPhone photos don't do it justice but here are a few photos from the ride!

SkyView, Ferris wheel
I think it was festively lit for Christmas!
atlanta, city lights, night skyline
The famous "pencil building" as we all called it in college!

My boyfriend flew in Saturday morning and I helped him get a little more Christmas shopping done. Even though it was just 2 weeks since his DC visit, I was still so excited to see him! Before earlier this month, we had gone 6 months {!!!!} without seeing each other! That is way too long in my opinion. While we were out shopping, I found a GREAT deal on a beautiful new pair of Sam Edelman boots. They were on fabulous sale at Nordstrom and I have been looking for a new pair of black riding boots- it was destiny! My new boots are the 'Penny' style and can be seen on Nordstrom's website as well as my Instagram:

'Penny' Boot (Women)
They really are fantastic and I can't wait to wear them more!

On Sunday my guy's mom came down to pick him up {he is from Tennessee} so I will have to wait until this Saturday to see him when I go up to celebrate Christmas with his family! I haven't seen them since last Christmas so that will be really great for me. Christmas time is always hard because there are so many places to be in a short amount of time. My parents are divorced and re-paired so I have 2x the amount of people to visit with around the holidays. Yet another reason why having my car down here is helpful! The hustle and bustle of it all is always fun although there are a ton of moving parts. Thankfully my family is flexible and understanding so it makes things easier for me!

I am hoping to find time to get my gifts wrapped up later today or tomorrow- I got really cute patterned red wrapping paper and an assortment of ribbons to spice things up. I'll get some photos up here as soon as I get it all wrapped! I seriously just can't believe Christmas is THIS THURSDAY!

Are your holidays jam-packed? How do you juggle seeing all of your family? Have you put the finishing touches on your gifts yet? I hope you had a wonderful weekend and if you have any thoughts please share them in a comment below!

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