Wednesday, January 28, 2015

On My Horizon

Happy Wednesday, folks! I am so excited that my birthday is tomorrow! While no birthday is as exciting as the ones past {16, 18, 21, etc.}, who doesn't love a day that's all about feeling special?! Last year, I had to work with my boss on my birthday and the day after, so I didn't have the opportunity to do much celebrating. But this year, I truly have a ton to celebrate! And some great people to do so with me. As if I needed more excitement right now- I actually have an upcoming trip to Disney World with my boyfriend, so I have decided to fill this post with all things Disney!! Here it goes:

1. Emma Watson as Belle

Beauty and the Beast is my all time FAVORITE Disney Princess movie. I have always adored the story, and could not be more thrilled with the casting for the live-action movie that will begin filming later this year. This article basically sums up my feelings on the matter, and I CANNOT stress how excited I am to see this when it comes out!

2. Ears Quiz

When I went to Disney with my girlfriends last year, we all got different ears to wear throughout our park day. It was great because we all ended up finding ears that "match" our personalities. I have an all silver sequin pair, you know- to go with my sparking personality, and I can't wait to bring them on this next trip! To be honest, it was one of those purchases that strangely made me feel like an adult. As a kid, I always wanted the extras {like ears, costumes, you get it..} during our family trips to Disney. I would put forth my best effort and sweetest voice when asking mom and dad. Still, these requests were answered with a firm no. Coming back to the parks without my parents and having my own source of income, I bee-lined straight to the store when we got to the parks and satisfied my inner child! It's crazy how a little item like that can create such a strong feeling of adulthood! Not sure what ears you would pick? No problem- of course Disney has a fix for that! Take this quiz to find out what ears are meant for you! To no surprise, I got sparkly Minnie ears!

3. Disney App

On the topic of the changes that Disney has undergone since my childhood, the biggest change for me was definitely the park experience. We chose to stay at a Disney resort and really got to enjoy the full Disney experience. The magic bands, Mickey waffles, character meals- it was magical. My favorite update is that you are able to connect your tickets/bands to the MyDisneyExperience App! You are able to schedule rides, see attraction times, set reminders, make dining reservations, and so much more! It's amazing to have the maps at your fingertips too, no need to carry around all of the paper copies. I know I will discover even more great things included in here during this trip!

Do you have a favorite Disney Princess/Character? What is your favorite memory at the parks?

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