Friday, January 2, 2015

Year End Festivities

Why hello there! I hope you had a relaxing and blessed holiday! My time went by so quickly, but I've truly enjoyed every second of it. I think the holidays have become so much more special since I've started working. Being able to spend an extended period of time at home with family is rare nowadays- and I love to soak it up. I wanted to fill y'all in on my year end festivities that I've been up to lately!

Over the past week, I was able to pop up to Chattanooga for a few days and enjoy some fresh mountain air. I stayed up in a cabin without cell service- which was actually glorious- and had a great time catching up with my boyfriend and his sweet family. I felt totally spoiled one last time with Christmas presents during our belated celebration, and I unfortunately was the recipient of ANOTHER prank gift this year. Here's the short background- my boyfriend's hilarious uncle enjoys giving prank gifts to family members and significant others. They're usually embarrassing or could just be a strange item. I totally appreciate the funny gag-gifts {last year I got inflatable bra inserts that had a gift tag to be from "grandma", another S.O. got a thick history book from "grandma" with a note to keep up with his education} but have a harder time identifying the sly pranks. This year, my guy's "grandma" gave me purse hooks that you take to a restaurant or bar to hang your purse. That could completely be a {albeit strange} grandma-given gift because it's so practical. Trying to muster up excitement for an unexpectedly unique gift is already difficult when the gift-giver is sitting right next to you. Particularly when the "gift-giver" has no idea that the gag gift is labeled from them. Or what it is. Or why you are asking questions/thanking them for it. Thankfully, my boyfriend's sister clued me in that it was a fake gift due to the funny uncle squirming and muffling a laugh from across the room. God bless her. The rest of my time at the family Christmas celebration was great and I hope to handle my joke gift just as gracefully in the future.

While I was up in TN, we went to see the Christmas lights at Rock City. I have never been before {with or without holiday lights} and was happy to share that experience with my guy's whole family. His younger cousins were all having a fun time exploring, and I had a great time walking around to see the displays. Happy to check that one off of the bucket list!

Fast forward a few days and it was New Year's Eve. I loved cheering on the Yellow Jacket victory and I got to ring in the New Year at a house party with a few friends and my sweet man! There really is something so refreshing about starting out a new year, and I have a feeling this year is going to be a good one. I can just feel in my bones that big things are coming and I am really trying to keep an optimistic and open attitude throughout the year. No resolutions have been set yet- other than sustaining my typical effort to love others as much as I can, see as many amazing places/things as I can, and to live with intention. I figure I have a few days if I want to commit to something specific and I will let y'all know if I settle on something! Thanks for starting out 2015 with me and cheers to the best year yet! xox

Did you have a nice holiday? Are you making any resolutions for 2015?

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