Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday lovelies!

This weekend has been so relaxing. It is just what I needed after a crazy, crazy week. On Friday, I did a little sketching and watched the end of Breaking Bad on Netflix with a glass of prosecco. It was the definition of a perfect evening!

Saturday night, I met a few girlfriends over at Tyson's for some shopping, dinner, and a movie. We ate at La Sandia. I am not gonna lie, I wasn't impressed with my dinner. I got a mushroom flatbread and the bread seemed under-cooked. It may have been the intense hunger but I absolutely LOVED the chips and salsa! We saw 'Into the Woods' after dinner and it was so cute!

movie poster
I loved the cast and although I haven't seen the original musical, I think they picked out all of the great parts of the stories involved! I enjoyed most of the music, however the duet between the Princes didn't do it for me. Overall, it was really cute and if you haven't seen it yet- you definitely should!

Today was full of leisure and cleaning. My apartment has been a WRECK since I've come back into town, and I really wasn't doing a great job of keeping up with cleaning during the week as I usually do. It was a good day of catch-up as well as planning for the week. Work is getting crazy again and I will be back to working long hours. I am going to strive to keep up my resolve to keep work during the week and let myself enjoy my weekends.

I am not looking forward to the threat of a winter mix tomorrow! I would actually much prefer snow.. if anyone's listening. I hope you had a restful weekend and are ready to take on what lies ahead this week!

xox. T


  1. So interested that you didn't like "Agony" as a huge fan of the musical I did think the movie was pretty well done. Have a great weekend!! :)

  2. Maybe it was because I haven't seen the original show, but it just struck me as a little strange! Hopefully I will get to see a live show someday- I still really enjoyed it!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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